Our mission is to to honor the hope and dream of the African slaves in the Americas (1619-1865), which is life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all through a variety of educational, empowering, and inspiring black history productions throughout the U.S.,  and to keep the legacy of the African slave alive.

                       KEEPING THEIR LEGACY ALIVE
                      IS ALL OF OUR RESPONSIBILITY!

Legacy Showcases, founded by Author and Christian Counselor, Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence in 2014, Legacy Showcases is a black history production company located in Solano County, California that is dedicated to keeping the legacy of our ancestors alive through black history exhibits at various events, presentations, and cultural events that educate, empower, and inspire.

Our existence is driven by the desire to celebrate and preserve the legacy of African slaves in the Americas during the years of 1619 and 1865, shedding light on the struggles, resilience, spirituality, and contributions that have shaped the course of black, American, and world history. The Emancipation Proclamation stands as a pivotal moment in this narrative, symbolizing our ongoing quest for freedom and desire to overcome the oppression we continue to endure even to this day.

We not only produce our own events and presentations, but because it is all of our responsibility to keep the legacy of our rich history alive, we partner with Heiress Productions, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) organization to provide opportunites for you to produce our dynamic presentations and events so that we can all do our part in keeping our legacy alive.

A Day In The Life of A Slave

Come experience the lifestyle, traditions, religion, and hope for freedom of the African slaves in the Americas during the 16th through 19th centuries as we honor their contributions to society. This program is “family-friendly” (although parental discretion is advised), and will feature audio/visual presentations, live performances, interactive and productive activities, guest speakers, and other activities related to plantation life, the Underground Railroad, releasing the shackles, and modern slavery (human trafficking). Whether attendees choose to stay all day to absorb the full and impactful day, drop in for a portion of the day, or just stop by for lunch, A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SLAVE will be an unmatched event that will linger on for a lifetime! A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SLAVE is not meant to ignite shame or anger in anyone, but to simply bring a heightened awareness to this dark period of our past (and presence) in an effort to diminish its negative impacts.

The Spirit of Us

Despite the brutal origin of our enslaved, African ancestors in the Americas, our hope for redemption has endured, its heartbeat pulsating through the rhythm of our music. Stemming from a blend of West African and European, Christian persuasions, our soulful and deeply expressive musical style is unmatched. Whether conveying sorrows and covert protests while working in the fields, forcing what little fun that was humanly attainable, weeping and wailing to God for deliverance for their souls, or revealing secret traveling codes and instructions for The Underground Railroad, music has served, and continues to serve, a very vital and functional purpose for every aspect of our lives. From Negro spirituals to Gospel, songs of sorrow to blues, Jubilee to Jazz, protest to Freedom, and folktale to Rap and Hip Hop, the vibrations of our deeply moving melodies continue to reveal our spirit of freedom, redemption, and hope….The Spirit of Us

The Soul of Slave Music

The soul of slave music lies in its profound connection to the experiences, emotions, and resilience of enslaved African people in the Americas from 1619-1865. These musical expressions served as more than just entertainment; they were a means of communication, a source of spiritual strength, and a form of resistance against the dehumanizing conditions of slavery. Its soul can be understood through messages of hope, liberation, and the yearning for freedom. These songs were a way for enslaved individuals to express their faith, find solace in difficult times, and maintain a sense of connection to their cultural and spiritual heritage. Come gain an understanding of the musical spirit captured from the soul of the African slaves on the southern plantations. Experience the dialect and authentic, unrehearsed, unformed, unrefined, and individually heartfelt singing style presented through a variety of work, religious, recreational, and freedom songs. This presentation will not only give you a deeper understanding of American history and the heart and soul of Africans and African Americans, but will also reveal the resilience of the human spirit.

  • Fairfield, California, United States

Call us for booking information or for assistance with producing one of our empowering, educational, and inspiring presentations/events for libraries, schools, assisted living facilities, and/or various events, so that you, too, can keep the legacy of our ancestors alive.